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Should the UK Remain or Leave the European Union

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Post by appleton »

Well, 9 days till we vote on whether Britain should remain in the EU. So, we need to have a thread on it :smile:

Me personally, a remainer.

Let's get some debate going on our viewpoints.
I personally feel that leaving a union that we can shape, especially in an increasingly interdependent, interdependent world is risky. For Economic stability, Social stability, and for sending the correct message out internationally to other states.

I find the Brexit arguments are largely devoid of fact and they neglect to take in to account that although there is a democratic deficit in the EU. We have an awful lot of power to change things.

An example is this leaflet I received today:
2016-06-14 23.33.12.jpg
2016-06-14 23.33.12.jpg (97.6 KiB) Viewed 8274 times
At the top we have the nonsense £350 million a week figure which is nonsense

The claim that the UK sends £350 million per week to the EU is wrong.
This figure does not include a rebate, or discount, on what the UK has to pay. In 2014 the UK would have paid £18.8 billion without the rebate but ended up paying £14.4 billion.

The estimate for 2015 is £12.9 billion. This is £248 million per week, or £35 million per day. ... rship-fee/

Next it says Turkey, and a whole host of countries will join. It takes just one veto from a member state and the country can't join. Plus Turkey is nowhere near meeting all it's accession points (neither do I think it will resolve the Cypriot border issue or France and Germany allow it into the EU). Scaremongering.
2016-06-14 23.33.35.jpg
2016-06-14 23.33.35.jpg (250.06 KiB) Viewed 8274 times
2016-06-14 23.33.47.jpg
2016-06-14 23.33.47.jpg (96.4 KiB) Viewed 8274 times
The last image talks about the Euro crisis (we aren't a member of the Eurozone), the migration crisis (will happen with or without an EU) we have to just help people until their countries that we have intervened in, stabilise. Leaving the EU certainly not lead to a stable international system.

Turkey and Serbia will not be members. In Turkey's case quite possibly forever, in Serbia's case 25-50 years possibly. Remember as a member state though the UK has veto rights on new states accession.

(I'll make them smaller later)

Overall, I think the Leave campaign has been terrible. Pandering to peoples temporary, unrelated or non-existent fears whilst real political issues aren't being debated day by day. Snoopers charter, the NHS (we can afford new hospitals as a member of the EU, just our government sees money better spent elsewhere), Conservative electoral fraud. As we turn towards what the media and some politicians term "mass immigration" (which really is a non issue stats wise) we aren't focusing on the real issues in my opinion.

I've included a poll so get on and tell us which way you'll swing and why :)
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