How do you think of the Shen Yun performance?

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How do you think of the Shen Yun performance?

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There are often pamphlets and posters seen in apartment buildings, supermarkets and restaurants in Washington DC and places nearby that promote and praise the so-called "Divine Performing Arts The Spectacular 2009" (also called Shen Yun performance) to be staged at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC in an attempt to round up more audience. The performance has been shown for many times around the world, the performance may appear to be one intended to display Chinese culture, but can the people who are interested in the Chinese culture really get the real facts about Chinese culture? People must avoid to be deceived, it is necessary to find out more about the Chinese culture. In fact, the Chinese culture, with its long history and rich variety, has long been popular among the peoples in the world. When endorsing or appreciating events and performances in celebration of the Chinese culture, you are kindly reminded to stay away from some cult organization so as not to be misled and taken advantaged of by the cult.
Some reports said that the performance is a tool used to lead people get bias to China. People who attended the performance were always be regretted being there spending tens of dollars. They thinks that they should get to know the Chinese culture from other ways instead of the performance.

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