On a lighter PC note but maybe not

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On a lighter PC note but maybe not

Post by philbell »

Trying to lighten the mood in these times of doom and gloom.

I have heard that the PC brigade are out again, this time over the road signs that are placed around old peoples homes and the like. Apparently 'Help the Aged' find these signs offensive as they show 'stereotypical old people' This is an old man stooping with a stick holding the hand of an old lady. Am not being funny but this sign really does remind me of my Grandad and grandma, who were probably stereotyopical of people of their age. Where is the problem though?? They wouldn't be offended by this!! What the hell is the sign supposed to show?? It is all so senseless to say this is offensive to many when it does portray a reasonable icon of the elderly population.

What next? The children crossing sign shows children holding hands? That is so wrong isn't it? Peadophiles might see it and get the wrong idea and think the wrong idea!!

All of this bollox has gone too far. There far more are serious issues such as the elderly keeping warm thru the winter, not them being protrayed in the wrong light.

On the issue of discrimination though, I think I have the candidate for the most downtrodden almost forgotten race. The English!!

Wherever you go or whatever you do the nationality of English does not ever apply. The only place you ever see English apply is in software installations, even then you are offered language choice of 'English (US)' then ountry will always be 'UK'. The UK is not a country!! The Welsh and Scottish do a little better as they have their own laws etc but the English have to suffer from the votes of all the GB nations. Yet we pump more money in to the other nations of the UK for them to spend as they like yet they get a say on what happens to us!! The only distiction comes with football, I cannot think of anything welse here there is any English unity.

I caught a bit of a film on TV the other day, something like a St Trinians from the 60's or 70's and the phrase 'Paki' came in to it several times, showing a person of Indian/Pakistani descent. This may be controvertial nowadays, am surprised it wasn't cut. Calling someone a Paki from Pakistan is the same as calling someone from Britaian a Brit!! Yet bringing someone from India being called a Paki I can see beigd offensive to them, as they are bitter enemies, but they are of the same previous rulers and should take as much offence as the Scots or the Welsh being put under the same status as the English.

The world is so petty right now, there are much more important things to focus on and sort out. Let us stop all this petty crap and focus on the the real issues.

Sorry for the waffle, but lets get things in perspective!!

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