A level results

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A level results

Post by philbell »

It's that time of year again, 'A' level results are at record highs of A grade, AGAIN. GCSE's are due soon, no doubt with the same kind of reaction. Now universities are worried that they cannot tell who the star pupils are, the same can be said for employers looking for the best degree student. Now they are looking at bringing in A*'s to find the top students, but how long will it be before there are record high amounts of A* students? The more students getting top marks just dilutes the prestige of getting an A grade!!

I may well have said much of this before, but it is topical at the moment. Why do the exam boards and Universities sit down together and come up with a better formulae to work out the top grades? In my eyey it is quite simple. Just give the top 5% of students passing an A grade the next 10% B etc.... This way it does not matter how easy or hard the exams or coursework etc is, it is the best 5% that get the ultimate grade!

I know for a fact in coursework on GCSE that the structure is given, If you put certain things into your work it is worth an A, a few less a B etc etc. This results in some quite shoddy work getting marked A when some far superior thought out coursework can get a C, even though the overall look and feel has superior quality. Because a couple of the scoring marks have been missed out by a student giving greater depth to their coursework, taking great pains to make it excellent, a lazy sloppy student can get an A grade by just simply looking at the marking scheme and including all that they need with no thought about doing a good job.

It is hard to get the coursework things right, it is a delicate balance and down to discretion, but needs to be looked at to make it fairer. As for the overall exam passes though surely the top percentage only should get the top marks, this then also stops the argument that exams are getting easier!! I am pretty sure when I took my GCE's that the results were broken down in this way. What are your views?

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RE: A level results

Post by appleton »

I think the exams should be less important then coursework, and coursework should make up more of the overall percentage.

Exams cannot be accurately worked all the time. People can have off days or just struggle in exams. More of this everyone getting A's stuff will happen and hopefully the government will realise this and do away with much of the current A-level curriculum.

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