Rise of Inflation

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Rise of Inflation

Post by philbell »

The rate of inflation was released today as 3.8%. Yet gas/electicity inflation was 16% and fuel at 28% and food at well over 10%. (These figures fluctuate depending where you look, so are not exact) My personal expenditure matches these figures pretty much, so in real terms my expenses have gone up by hell of a lot more than 3.8%. I cannot see how the overall rate is pegged backed by the steep rises in the goods that everybody needs to survive can be pulled back by stuff nobody depends on as a necessity.

My personal outgoings have gone up by around 20% not 3.8% yet I am expected to take a 2.4% rise!! I understand thefact that the more wages rise the more that inflation can be affected, but to have a paycut when prices rise so quick is hard on the low paid. Especially when teachers who do fuck all are wanting more than 10%!!

'Those who can do and those who can't teach' has never been more true!! There are so many that cant do and cant even teach yet get paid a fortune for doing nothing but moaning how hard done by they are!! Put all teachers in a real job for a year on real wages and lets see how many moan after that.

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RE: Rise of Inflation

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It all comes down to poor people suffer and rich people don't. :icon_frown:
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