Rewarded for being bad

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Rewarded for being bad

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More and more now it is coming to light that people are being rewarded for not being bad, as opposed to rewarding people for being good!!

Talking to a primary school parent recently, they were fuming as the school has a system of 'Scooby Doos'. These are rewards given to kids throughout the year which can be exchanged for goods at the end of the summer term for toys and prizes. This is a fine system in theory but as it works out it rewards bad kids for not being bad rather than good kids for not being bad.

If your child is polite, gets on with their work and is not diruptive it is very difficult for them to earn a 'Scooby Doo'. Yet if your kid is disruptive, swears and will not work, they are rewarded for being good in a lesson (or basically keeping quiet and not causing any problems for the teacher). The real bad kids reaped all of the rewards at the recent end of term sale!!

What sort of example does this give to the good kids? Cause a riot one day then you will be rewarded for not causing one the next? That is the message being implied to the kids now.

In Seconday schools it gets worse. The good kids attend lessons while the bad kids go horse riding or bowling etc... It is all wrong. MOST of the bad ones are not bad because of behavioral difficulties or bad home life or poverty (some exceptions there may be) They are just wise to the system and play it and their parents to their advantage. I know this, they have told me!! The more they play it the more 'support' they get. This then continues in to adulthood as they just play the system.

The same thing happens in the criminal world. Some thug will be stopped in a car with no insuranse, no MOT , Be banned from driving, carrying drugs and have warrants out on them but will get a caution. Yet you or me would be hammered for the same offence and probably end up behind bars.

It is about time that the world woke up to the fact that instead of rewarding people for not being bad, the good should be recognised!!

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