Positive Discrimination

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Positive Discrimination

Post by philbell »

This week there has been a call this week for employers to be able to discriminate over potential employees, taking preference for a female candidate or minority group person over a white male, especially if two candidates are evenly qualified for the post. I really do not understand where this has come from. There are several reasons that this is wrong, I will list a few that in my opinion prove that this is an absolute farce.

1. As a person that has had to try to choose the best person for the job, you simply want the best person to fill the post!! You do not need anybody saying you should take her as she is a woman or him because he disabled or has a different skin tone. You want whoever can fulfill what the post requires.

That should be end of it!!

2. 'If two candidates have the same qualifications then choose the minority person.' In response to this, there are never two candidates with the same qualifications for a post. There may be two with the same educational results but both will have had different lives, hence one will have more life skills, experience in different areas that are more suited to a particular post than others.

3. Discrimination is discrimination. Positive discrimination is puttting the majority in the minority. Either there should be no discrimination against anbody. There need to be exceptions (people being not able to fulfil the post as they are not capable. ie an English teacher who cannot speak English, a fireman in a wheelchair etc.) Sense has to take place. There is no such thing as 'positive' discrimination.

We have recently taken on a woman in her 40's for a post in the IT department we had available. There were 20+ applications, many were over qualified, the chosen one was probably not qualified given the job description, yet she was as the best person for the job. She has proved that since starting by being flexible an willing to learn. OK, she probably hits the criteria for this latest PC discrimination farce, but she was the best candidate. If she was a white man up against a coloured or ethnic candidate she would have got the job. if she was ethnic and up against white men, she would have got the job!!

Employers want the person who can fulfill the post best, regardless off age creed or colour. Nobody needs to be told who or who not to employ

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RE: Positive Discrimination

Post by DodgeFB »

I am afraid we will be stuck with this PC bull for years to come.Image
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RE: Positive Discrimination

Post by End of Days »

I agree full heartedly. Police departments are famous for being forced to meet quotas, and who do I really want on the street protecting me? Who do I want responding to the call if I'm in serious danger? The best person for the position, or the best minority candidate, or whatever? Obviously, the answer is the former. I don't care if that person is white, black, male, female, Asian, Middle Eastern—whatever! I just want the best person to come to my defense in that situation.

I understand that some of this discrimination (ie affirmative action) is in the name of reparations, making up for the days of slavery or when things weren't so equal, or to force those who are inclined to discriminate to be more fair. But I contend that we don't fight racism with discrimination of any kind. It will just give racists fuel for the fire and equality can only be forced so much. A government cannot change people's hearts, and their efforts to do so are inclined to backfire. An even playing field is the only way to go.

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RE: Positive Discrimination

Post by aldorathomas »

Discrimination means the act of discriminating, distinguishing or noting and marking differences. I liked your post very much. This things happen frequently while giving and taking an interview but this is not good for company becasue choose employee as per her/his qualification,confidence and experience.
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