Ridiculous expenses

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Ridiculous expenses

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I have just read about how much the speaker has spent on home improvements of tax payers money, nearly £800,000 on the house and near £1,000,000 on the garden. OK a lot of it went on security in the garden but as for the money on the house, it’s disgusting. I know people who earn less than this man spends on art in a year, yet they are taxed on their earnings and he wastes them on art. They struggle to feed their families while he spends £150k on furniture!! This whole situation is really sickens me now. If Mugabe loses this election we might as well get him in to replace Brown because to be quite honest there is not much between the two. OK that’s is a bit harsh but you get where I am coming from.

My local MP’s claims for housing in London were the maximum he could make (think it was about £600k in total) yet he is house sharing with another MP who also made the same claim on the same property!!

If I had the money to campaign at the next election I would, just to get in there with real issues, stop waste of taxpayers money and get real peoples views put across. Yes that is what your MP is for, but does it happen? Probably a tenth of the time.

As things stand there is very little choice in who you vote for either the good the bad or the ugly. None is much better than the other just slightly different. When it comes to votes in the commons they are generally told to toe the party line, that is not exactly democratic is it? If I had my way I would have every MP independent and once elected they would vote in the government. Not ruling parties that can change their minds and exercise their will on the nation. That would be a true democracy.

Even the County councils are as bad. I have a friend in finance in our local council and some of them are proper people out to look after the electorate but there are more bad eggs in there than not. Some of the good ones have the attitude that they had to eat anyway so they don’t even put a claim in for expenses at a meeting yet others put in a £100 food bill for the same meeting!! There is one thing taking advantage and another taking the absolute piss.

Things have got to change and the sooner the better, they cannot continue robbing us like this when there are so many struggling. (Not on about the smackheads and scum who don’t work, that is a different story, mean the families who work to scrimp a living yet taxed to death one way or another) then these people just waste their taxes.
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